We use this stuff on every steel frame we ship and you should, especially now. It's a beautiful finish that will last and last but if it does chip or scratch, there are two routes you can go. You can pick up a spray can at most good pro shops. Recommended for use with axalta 13550s and 13520s primers imron af700 basecoat and imron af740 clearcoat. Imron Chemistry I don't know what you like but I try to avoid dog-poop colors. May you both ride happily into the next millennium and beyond. For examples: Fading from candy blue to candy green, the fade area can be a beautiful candy teal. Sometimes this looks good, sometimes bad. Paint and coatings for cars, trucks, buses, trains, equipment and custom cars. Whats people lookup in this blog: The "100" in the lower right area will change color depending on the angle that you hold the paper. Hopefully, it's not too late to save a frame in this condition. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Before using, read and follow all label and SDS precautions. © Copyright 2011 Spectrum Cycles Inc. All rights reserved. They rust when scratched, chipped, or abraded in any way. Add to that world-renowned brands like Freightliner and Volvo, and you have a certain winner. Pre-Owned. The third color comes from the combination of the original two. When it is all done, the frame appears to be painted in a few colors or shades of colors that dance around on the frame. 1190 Dorney Road | Breinigsville, PA 18031 • Spectrum.Tom@gmail.com • 610.398.1986 what helps prevent chipping is proper bonding to the primer. Pre-Owned. Even if you don't ride in the rain or cross raging rapids, moisture still finds its way into a frame. The orientation of the prisms in 3 dimensional space determines the color of the paint. It is a product that was long overdue. The main "trick" is to take preemptive action as much as possible rather than trying to clean a very dirty frame. The cost of ChromaLusion paint is about 25 times as much as standard Imron. Copyright © 2020 Axalta Coating Systems, LLC and all affiliates. You must be an Axalta Coating Systems authorized distributor to view pricing information. If I re-call right it was $90-$100 a gallon back then and that was considered expensive. Frame builders who do repair work, painters and mechanics, are seeing a higher incidence of rust-throughs these days, and it is only going to get worse, unless these frames are rustproofed on the inside. Imron MS600 paint is a high-performance single stage acrylic/polyester-based polyurethane topcoat. Let us highlight some of the major Imron lines and their respective applications: Imron® 2K Topgloss SF With its base of acrylic polymer technology, this solid color formula of Excellent build I used Imron paint on an H.D. There are a few construction details found in some frames that have trapped water and caused premature failures. Any colors made with translucent dyes will work well. The product you are searching for could not be found. What they don't know is that steel frames also rust from the inside out. So, there are two types of DuPont Imron paints and a chemical analysis of acrylic resin based DuPont Imron paint [in this case off the landing gear of a 1991 Utility refrigerated semi trailer with post production purple paint] would find it to be a match to what everyone in my case is calling acrylic paint [the type that was found to be on the struck auto]. We apologize for the inconvenience. As an example of how this should not be done, a frame with the second color around the head tube, seat cluster, bb and rear drops just looks kind of blotchy, no flow. Imron® AF400™ Polyurethane Topcoat (EP Quality) The product you are searching for could not be found. Most new bikes are equipped with sealed bearings, which mean fewer overhauls and fewer chances to look in the bottom bracket to see what is going on. There used to be a safety margin should the tubes rust. Replies: 0 Views: 129. For Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy, and Metal Substrates, Corlar® 13580S™ Non-Chromate Epoxy Sanding Surfacer, Chromate-free Save imron paint to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. The motto fits the product in this case.. As, for example, with this frame which Sheldon built himself -- but he did not paint it himself like the Robin Hood. System properties will not be valid when the related material is used in combination with any other materials or additives not Strip the frame as much as possible and tape off the decals. Today's high performance frames are being made with extremely thin walled tubing compared to frames of the past. After many carefree miles, many mechanics and owners are shocked when they pull the bottom bracket bearings and find rust-colored sludge, or flakes of rust, inside the shell. VOC: 3.5 lb/gal (420 g/l) I spray imron a lot it's good paint but its a very high solids paint almost impossible to get it to lay out with no texture on most imron products you apply 1 cross coat for the base and clear 1.4 tip works the best. 13801S per RTS gallon to improve pot life/dry time, Add up to 2 oz. Please Login or contact us to learn more. System Overview. or Best Offer. You can thin the clear with acetone, in most cases I have found that most of the orange peel comes from the base coat of this stuff. Dupont's motto for Imron is; the wet look that lasts. If you are into neons, fading from neon pink to neon orange can give an incredible neon sunset orange transition while fading neon red to neon green gives a dog poop brown. We can send you one of our kits that includes the paint to match your existing color, and a bit of activator in separate container. IMRON was often applied to frames, rear ends, and so on for the underside of projects too. They work pretty well. Prevention is easy. These prisms are cut from sheets that are less than on ten thousandth of an inch think. Spectrum's "Traveling" colors actually change color as the angle at which they are viewed changes. Lawotto Dec 17, 2020 at 4:18 PM. Imron AF400 can be applied with conventional, HVLP, air-assisted airless, and electrostatic spray equipment using pressure or gravity fluid delivery. I have a guy who sprays planes, he use to paint cars so he says, and he says spraying Imron on my 65 Chevelle would be best. With custom paint a standard feature on a Spectrum, I get a lot of questions about fades and fade options. With long-term UV resistance, you’ll have less maintenance to do over time too. We have seen quite a number of frames ruined by internal rust in our shop. As far as fade patterns go, it's all about personal preference. Generally, any color except solids look great faded. When selecting the right paint system, there is no room for compromise. If a little moisture enters the frame, the environment within will resemble a terrarium. Sorry, there has been an internal server error with the login feature. Spraying two-part marine-epoxy enamel is not practical for do-it yourself work, because it requires specialized equipment and careful clean-up to avoid clogging. When designing a fade pattern, you will also need to decide how long you want the fades to be. Is there a huge difference between the two visually and or durability wise? Please enter a few characters of the product code or name and select from the matching list. Get the Frame Repair and Paint Order Form. Similar Threads - Imron Paint Curing. - imron metallics and enamel colors paint chip - color specifications guide - printed december 1979 brochure manual - total of 150 metallics & enamel colors paint chips and associated color information including color names - imron stock numbers - total of 6 page(s). So take out those little bottles of paint you had as a kid. With the cost of bikes these days, think of it as cheap insurance. A few of them were only two or three years old. Imron MS1 is recommended for use with Imron MS600™ topcoats to improve the appearance of dark colors or metallics. At Spectrum we can further control these colors by using different base coats before application of the ChromaLusion. Not for sale to or use by the general public. Imron is a high-end polyurethane paint originally developed for the airline and trucking industries. A chemical paint strip dipping will dissolve it, so be sure to re-apply once your have your frame repainted. For industrial use only by professional, trained painters. What most of our customers opt for is our no charge cleared natural finish. Not only does it help prevent dirt from sticking to the natural Titanium, but it also has some solvents that help in the cleaning of old dirt. Products such as activators, reducers, additives and tints are not included in this catalog. It took us a year and a lot of experimenting to figure out, but now our Traveling color paint jobs are just as tough as an Imron-only finish. Each < 1 micron sheet is made up of five layers. You MUST VERIFY YOUR VEHICLE’s COLOR CODE IS ‘L4962H’ to ensure you are ordering the correct paint color. Imron aircraft paint aircraft n2403u 1962 cessna 172d color choice options for your frame aircraft painting services norfolk Color Choice Options For Your FramePitman Air Dragonfly ColorsColor Choice Options For Your FrameColor Choice Options For Your FramePitman Air Dragonfly ColorsColor Choice Options For Your FrameImron Aviation CoatingsColor Choice Options For Your FrameAviation … Imron MS1 is part of the Imron MS100™ Basecoat/Clearcoat system. Lawotto, Dec 17, 2020 at 4:18 PM, in forum: Digital Printing. imron color chart | Colorpaints.co IMRON PAINT COLOR. The larger paint companies tend to use the term "urethane" to describe their most premium products. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. DuPont Fleet Colors for IMRON® and ... 3735 Kenora Drive, Spring Valley, CA 91977. It's a beautiful finish that will last and last but if it does chip or scratch, there are two routes you can go. It would be misleading to suggest that every steel frame is a risk because there are many factors involved. 17925 17886 17178 17100 17043. Then lightly sand the whole frame with 400x paper. Premium appearance Yup, it costs more if you choose this option. The frame is then blown off with air and sprayed with a special radioactive static eliminator nozzle to greatly reduce dust nibs caused by small airborne debris. Basically, when it comes to paint, be careful. Imron vs. Acrylic Imron® Industrial Strength, mix quality GN, is a high gloss, 0.3 lbs/gal VOC conforming, low HAPS, polyurethane topcoat. Take your bike out of a warm house on a cool, damp day, or on a hot day return your bike to a cool, damp basement for storage and what happens? Imron has thousands of color formulas available. Simple physics right? AXALTA IMRON MARINE FINISHES MS600 POLYURETHANE TOPCOAT – PART “A” ONLY Imron MS600 paint is a high-performance single stage acrylic/polyester-based polyurethane topcoat. The steel inside the frame is almost always left raw and unprotected. We can go really short, like half an inch, or really long, like the length of the bike. While the ink that the Federal mint uses is made by a company called Flex Products (the people who actually own this technology) we get our hands on it through DuPont in the form of ChromaLusion paint. The Paccar group, with leading brands like Kenworth and Peterbilt, are amongst the major users of the Imron paint line. Why take a chance? Dust the whole frame with a light coat of Imron white. To help prevent rust inside steel tubes, Frame Saver® was developed. IMRON® 700 27.08.2014 POLYURETHANE ENAMEL 6/6 AUS I700-0 This Technical Data Sheet supersedes all previous issues All other products referred to in the paint system build-up are from Cromax®. It is important to note, however, that some paint makers have capitalized on the polyurethane image, and use this term to describe inferior products. Purple changing through silvers, greens and fuchsias is the third color family. Sportster frame about 25 years ago shortly after that I sold the bike to a friend of mine who still has the bike to this day,and the paint is still like new.like Kevin said, it's as tough as nails,also use plenty of ventilation and a good respirator, the paint and the activater is pretty toxic. If your steel frame has not been treated, either have someone do it for you, or get a can and do it yourself. Color ... Of 2018 Choice Options For Your Frame Finishes Range Sheet Not Auto' 'Buffing Imron Page 2 Offshoreonly com April 22nd, 2018 - gt Buffing Imron Log in The drawback to using Imron for touchup is that the activator is only good for a few days after you get it. Ultimately though, natural titanium is a hassle. Important note: this catalog contains only the products that fit the categories listed under Browse Product By: Product Type. 523u Dupont Imron Polyurethane Enamel Auto Paint Coarse Aluminum Quart (75.8% similar) Process payment from the winning bidder Always contact us with any questions or concerns. And "Blasberry" rounds out the four with shifts through various blues, teals, violets, purples, burnt oranges, burgundies, and greens. DO NOT order based on the product picture or color name on this page. Cleaning your natural brush finish frame is a lot like counting grains of sand on the beach. That means wiping the bike down after each ride even when it looks clean. These decks contain a wide array of colors and variants designed to help you match the most challenging colors and variants, including metallics, pearls and special effects. In its basic form, this paint has no pigment in it. Although there are other similar products on the market, none work as well or last as long as Frame Saver. It is also recommended for topcoating properly prepared exterior wood surfaces to enhance appearance and durability. Online Formulas. His work on the plane I saw looked pretty nice. Imron paint is available in solvent and waterborne forms. The paint of choice for bicycle frames is Dupont Imron enamel. Add up to 2 oz. Our high-performance paint systems don’t just give you superb flat or high gloss finishes with optimum buffability but finishes that will go on looking good for longer. Imron, PPG, and House of Color are all popular. It's up to you and it depends on the desired effect. The imron paint is supposed to be a gloss black and I want to make sure the person who did it isn't screwing me over. Rather, it's made up of microscopic prisms that reflect and refract light. Improve adhesion We also carry related products such as brushes, rollers, squeegees, trowels, rakes, safety apparel, caulk, sandpaper, putty, fillers, masking tapes and papers. Corrosion protection I recently looked at a quality LOOKING restoration of a Raleigh Team Pro 753 frame done by a well known bicycle paint firm. A 3.5 VOC compliant, high solids, polyurethane topcoat designed to deliver high performance, excellent appearance and durability for propeller and rotary aircraft. Give us a call to discuss price and timeframe. + Update your shipping location ... 1991 ROCKY MOUNTAIN Altitude Mountain Bike Frame 18.5" Ritchey tubing. It tends to looks artificial with again no flow to the look. It isavailable in factory-packaged whites and mixed colors. We know a lot about bicycle paint and finish and we want to share it with you. True, bicycles have been around for 100 years and there are plenty of early examples of frames that have lasted lifetimes without rust, so why all the fuss now? A 3.5 lb/gal (420 g/l) VOC compliant, high gloss, low HAPS, polyurethane topcoat that is suitable for use in any environment where long term color and gloss retention are desired. Generally I feel that fades work best if you go with an area transition to create some sort of flow to the look. It's kind of like the 100 in the bottom of our nations 50.00 and 100.00 dollar bills. DuPont Imron 3.5HG Plus Polyurethane Topcoat Gloss Black. Read Online Dupont Imron Paint Color Chart options for your frame. Get the best deals for dupont imron paint at eBay.com. For use on riveted aircraft and similar general aviation applications. At Spectrum we pride ourselves on our paint and finishing work. The second route is to use model paint. Because solids are…well…solid, they don't fade very smoothly. And when it comes to fingerprints and water-bottle drippings, there are a few things that help. Although it is paint and therefore chip-able, the frame looks much better and is much easier to keep looking good. As the warm air inside your frame cools and contracts, it pulls in the damp air past the seat post, threads, and vent holes. Essentially there are four color families. Build up the defects and use 400 grit paper to level. I do think the older IMRON single stage is was a tougher paint then the more modern bc/cc IMRON. An application of Frame Saver® will add years to a frame's life and peace of mind to its owner. The transparent outer layers cover an opaque middle layer that in turn covers semi-reflective base layers. Designed by Kory Walton. Paint | Cleaning Titanium Frames | Traveling Colors | Imron Touchup | Fade Patterns | Rust. It coats the inside of the steel tubes protecting them from the corrosive elements that find their way in there. It is a coating designed to deliver excellent appearance and durability with ease of application. By Peter Weigle (thanks Peter). Friendly and fast market research on your items Local pick up: please contact us … Spectrum is very happy to offer Traveling Colors! What would a person look for to tell the difference visually on a four wheeler frame. Believe it or not, "Pledge" the furniture wax works really well on fingerprints. The motto fits the product in this case.. Imron® Industrial Strength, mix quality GN, is a high gloss, 0.3 lbs/gal VOC conforming, low HAPS, polyurethane topcoat. The look is totally unique. These include all metallic colors, the ever-expanding line of candies and pearls, and even some of our bright neons and traveling colors. Steel frames rust, that's all there is too it. Mountain bikes are supposed to be used in extreme conditions. It also helps if the transition lines are not left either vertical or horizontal. Axalta Imron Marine MS600 Polyurethane Topcoat Base “WHITES” $ 123.98-$ 471.98 $ 74.39-$ 283.19 Axalta Imron Marine MS600 Polyurethane Topcoat Base “GRAYS & BLACK” $ 104.98-$ 463.98 $ 62.99-$ 278.39 Axalta Imron Marine MS600 Polyurethane Topcoat Base “BLUES” Mako Blue (Imron 6000) Paint Pen Kit for 2000 Fleet Basecoat (L4962H). All rights reserved. Not any more! The resulting finish product provides a brush, roll or sprayable topcoat suitable for use in any environment where long term color and gloss retention are desired. It is a coating designed to deliver excellent appearance and durability with ease of application. Axalta Imron Power Tint Color Mix Tinting Chart W Toner Chips 11 20 Picclick Uk Pitman air dragonfly colors pitman air dragonfly colors coatings to protect your most valuable assets coatings to protect your most valuable assets. Sale! O 7 S N p o n S s 5 o r e Z d 0 E B G. Classic Steel Custom 50cm Road Bike Campagnolo Veloce, Vintage . See technical data sheet for complete instructions. Good sanding characteristics, Imron® AF3500™ Polyurethane Topcoat (EJ Quality), High performance Because in the last couple of decades there have been major changes in materials, equipment, and bike usage that have made internal frame protection more important. If your paint is in really horrible shape, Spectrum can always refinish it for you. It's always frustrating and it seems to never end. Although this slightly modified reprinting of Peter's missive appears to be a commercial plug for him, everything he says here is absolutely true. This paint vs 2 stage etc..I don't want to deal with the clear coat cracking like it did on my Jeep. Thus, "polyurethane" does not always mean superior quality. Not available in 2 oz. Online Formulas. Need Help Where to buy Sheetmount cleaning sheets for Seiko Colorpainter H@-74s. Imron Paint Colors Formula Imron Paint Question Offshoreonly com. Essentially, once properly applied, Frame Saver lasts as long as you keep your paint job. Fill the deep pitted parts of the frame with small amounts of paint using a fine brush and a 10x eye piece. In 2013, Kachorek worked with a bike company to design a frame to match her then-neon kit—but the paint job came back the wrong shade of yellow. Outstanding durability. Because the chemistry of the DuPont Chroma Premier product is quite different from Imron, we have to alter it so that Imron will stick to it. This may only be a minute amount, but do this many times over the course of the season and the cumulative effect can be devastating. It cannot be stored for long periods. 13803S per RTS gallon to improve dry time, Add up to 1 oz. Item#: DUP 33-24926 S1. The humid air and water droplets will be attacking the steel and you won't even know it. Another is a brilliant green traveling through reds, silvers or blues at different angles. Imron color chart Campy Only. If the frame is a Rivendell, then the head tube is sprayed with DuPont Imron Polyurethane enamel #4296 Cream in three coats, with a flash time of 10-15 minutes between each coat. C $700.00. Stream crossings, fall, winter, and early spring rides all involve, among other things, water. Site Map | Contact Us | FAQ The site administrator has been notified. One has a fire-red look at the perpendicular view, traveling through a variety of orange and gold colors when viewed at various angles. IMRON PAINT COLOR. Over the years we've seen and painted just about everything you can imagine. Because your original Imron is a plastic, most paints designed to stick to plastic will work quite well. COMMENTS: "Joe: My Kirk was just delivered to my office, and I was just BLOWN away by what you and Dave created. It is impossible to tell from the outside, which frames are screaming for attention. When choosing colors, remember that two faded colors will yield a third. IndustrialPaintStore.com offers a wide variety of industrial coatings and related products, including epoxies, urethanes, water soluble coatings, and alkyds. 13808S per RTS gallon for fast dry; limited area work. Imron has thousands of color formulas available. Imron is a high-end polyurethane paint originally developed for the airline and trucking industries. Color Left untreated, the frame will be destroyed. That's why I am so amazed that manufacturers go through great pains to paint the outside of a frame but the completely ignore the inside surfaces of the steel tubes. Fading candy blue to candy yellow can create a pretty sick candy green. Imron Aircraft Paint Color Chart – Imron color chart campy gray 45406 aztec silver met 43523 cloud. The Axalta logo, Axalta, Axalta Coating Systems, and all of Axaltas product and service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Axalta Coating Systems, LLC and/or its affiliates. When it comes to getting the job done in a reasonable time there are some tips that might help. Check it out and you will see what I mean. Plain water is what you need for sport drink scunge. A fade is when one color is painted next to another so that the two seem to bleed or blend into one another. Dupont's motto for Imron is; the wet look that lasts. These unique finishes add a little something extra to a custom frame's finish. Imron Marine Fan decks: Solid & Effect Decks give you a comprehensive color matching tool at your fingertips. The resulting finish product provides a brush, roll or sprayable topcoat suitable for use in any environment where long term color and gloss retention are desired. Most people know this. If you have some questions about a finish you are considering, call or e-mail and I'll help if I can.

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