Care for it, though, and this high-quality model could last decades of winters. Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bags for Hiking The Coleman Silverton 0 Degree Sleeping Bag is our choice for the best bag for hiking. It also packs down small. This mid-weight down sleeping bag is a great choice for a 15 degree bag. This bag employs 30oz of 850 fill down, giving it one of the best warmth to weight ratios out there. All the bags in our review included a stuff sack, but only a few had compression sacks. A top-dollar sleeping bag may not seem like much of an expense when you divide its price by 50 nights. Here we were able to squeeze the air out of The North Face Inferno, but only a minuscule amount of water got in. We tested these bags primarily in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California while also taking them on trips in New England in the dead of winter. The neck baffle, or draft collar should fit around your neck, under your chin, giving you extra insulation against heat loss. Below is a very detailed review of … Our testers generally preferred the slightly deeper hood of the Kodiak with drawstrings for the hood and the draft collar. Shivering all night and surviving is one thing, but slumbering into a deep sleep to wake up refreshed is another. This is a consideration for winter backpackers on unsupported treks. All multi-day hikes at altitude mean freezing cold nights. The Western Mountaineering Versalite is our go-to bag for ultralight winter adventures. This bag arrived loosely packed in a large storage sack, a good sign that the 650-fill duck down isn't stored in a compressed state and a nod to REI's commitment to quality, even when handling the less expensive duck down. A key piece of gear in every person's overnight winter kit is their sleeping bag. The manufacturers claim hydrophobic down absorbs less water and maintains its loft better, and dries out faster than untreated down. It’s a good all round sleeping bag that will keep you warm and comfortable. Being synthetic means it will dry quickly if it gets wet, the Lamina design keeps the insulation well ‘lofted’ providing superior warmth at a good price point. It packs down small and light, and will not take up too much room in your pack or duffel bag. The Marmot Col -20 houses an impressive 44 oz of 800 fill power down and features a wide cut, with plenty of space for wear/storing extra layers. The top scorers in this metric are the Marmot Col -20 and Nemo Sonic, pumping out the features. The best winter sleeping bag for the money is the Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag. It’s roomy design accommodates side-sleepers and those who are restless at night. Another advantage of synthetic over down is that it dries a lot quicker and is much more forgiving in wet conditions. The Sonic 0, in short, is a … If you are looking for the superior warmth and packability of down without the hefty price tag, then you should give this one your serious consideration. These are the warmest sleeping bags for their weight, but the most expensive. The Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF packs down to a backpack-friendly size, even though it's one of the wider and warmer bags in the review. The problem with these temperature ratings, apart from the definitions involved in “standard”/”average” people, is they also take no account of other factors in your sleep system. You will also have an easier time noticing any drafts that make it past the draft collar. The treated down does a good job of keeping it’s loft and insulation even in slightly damp conditions. 0 Degree Winter Sleeping Bags for Adults Camping (350GSM) - Temp Range (5F–32F) Portable Waterproof Compression Sack- Camping Sleeping Bags for Big and Tall in Env Hoodie: Backpacking Hiking 4 Season . The generously wide-cut gave our testers plenty of room to toss, turn, and sprawl inside this bag. Without it, you will likely succumb to the extreme cold while trying to catch some sleep. Synthetic sleeping bags perform much better than down when they get wet and are less expensive. This bag is suitable for both supported treks and unsupported backpacking in rugged, cold environments. For sleeping in Kilimanjaro’s crater (Crater Camp) I would highly recommend a 0°F rated Down sleeping bag as it’s bone-chillingly cold next to the glacier. A pretty useless piece of information in my opinion. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 29. Extra fabric equates to extra weight and less space in your backpack. Apart from the fact that people feel the cold differently, the outside conditions: wind, humidity also play a part, as well as the fit of your sleeping bag and whether you are using a sleeping pad are all factors in how well your sleeping bag will perform. Speaking of compression, MHW pulls out all the stops, including a high-quality compression sack with this bag. But, they have an extremely good warmth-to-weight ratio keeping you very warm on cold mountain nights. It has a rugged and durable feel, with a good zipper. Also, consider the use case of this sleeping bag. You may see an “Upper Limit” rating – this refers to the temperature an “average” man can sleep without sweating too much. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. Staying warm and comfy while sitting up, drinking coffee, and even cooking is key in cold winter camping situations. If you are carrying your own gear, you want gear that packs down into the smallest size and weighs as little as possible. Sleeping bags with a wider cut generally received higher comfort scores. Each bag was evaluated for its warmth, weight, comfort, packed size, features, and weather resistance. Light enough for backpacking, this bag packs down very small. The Kelty Cosmic Down 0 one of the least packable, taking up more room than the Marmot Col. The Western Mountaineering Versalite, conservatively rated to 10 degrees, is the lightest bag in our review but is still warmer than the heavier Nemo Sonic due to its high loft and a narrower cut. When choosing whether to take a 15°F bag, do bear in mind that altitude and exertion can both conspire to make you much colder than you would normally be. Again, if you primarily sleep on your back, the width isn't so important. This bag has plenty of room to store water bottles, boots, extra clothing, and anything else you don't want to freeze. If you're paying less, the bag will generally weigh more and loft less, leading to a heavier pack and a less warm bag. Ideal for temperatures above 10°C, 2-Season: Cooler nights, but still for mild weather use. No bag is designed to withstand full submersion, but many of the bags proved highly water resistant. This bag is a budget down sleeping bag that performs well. What elevates its score is the super comfy 66" cut in shoulders and its 30 ounces of 850 fill down, making our favorite balance of warmth, weight, and comfort for winter camping in the lower 48. Features are a subjective, multifaceted metric, comparing aspects universal to all the bags, such as draft tubes, hoods, and zippers, while also factoring in characteristics unique only to certain bags. Women’s-specific bags are often a slightly different cut from men’s/unisex, and sometimes have more insulation in targeted areas such as footbox and core. The Rab Ascent 900 and Nemo Sonic include a stuff sack with compression straps, and the Rab Neutrino 800 comes with a dry bag. If you're going to be facing temperatures consistently colder than the mid-teens and below, we'd suggest carrying a warmer or heavier bag, like the Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0 or the Western Mountaineering Kodiak. The last type is the winter sleeping bags which are perfect for temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. If you tend to sleep “cold” at home, when you are not exhausted from 7 hours on the trail then I would suggest you opt for the warmer bag, rated 0°F. Our testers feel like the Sonic isn't as warm as some of the other 0-degree F bags in our review, most notably the Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF. It's important to also look at what kind of environment the bag will be experiencing. Higher quality materials are critical for increased packability. The Coleman North Rim is a budget synthetic sleeping bag that does not pack down well and is heavy. While it's a touch more expensive than the Kelty Cosmic Down 0, we think it's worth this tiny price bump for better overall performance. BEST FOR: HARDCORE … This is because they are based on what the “average” person finds comfortable or otherwise. The Nemo Sonic has the widest cut of all the bags; it employs a 20 denier ripstop fabric to keep the weight down from all that extra girth. BEST FOR: WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGES; Marmot Never Summer. This is why we love the Kodiak so much; a ton of loft and room with a manageable packing size. Read more here. The Mountain Hardwear Hyperlamina Torch is a top-class, premium-quality synthetic sleeping bag. And if you’re heading out in the warm, summer months, consider a summer sleeping bag. If you sleep exclusively on your back, a wide cut isn't too much of a concern. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you are looking for a premium-quality, ultra-lightweight winter sleeping bag that punches well over it’s weight in warmth, then this one’s for you. The North Face Inferno. Make sure the pocket is accessible and not uncomfortable when full. For down sleeping bags, “fill power” is the amount of loft – or volume – any given weight of down produces. The RAB Ascent 700 is a great bag for winter backpacking or a trek like Kilimanjaro, at a great price point for the quality. All the expensive, high-quality down is useless if it's compressed underneath your body, with only a thin shell layer between you and the frozen ground. Our testers appreciate the DWR treated shell fabric that keeps the down dry and protected from condensation, and they also love thoughtful features like the storage pocket and glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls. Down filled bags are significantly more expensive, they hate getting wet, and dry slowly. Depending on where you are going, if your trek has you sleeping in lodges (Everest Base Camp) or huts (Marangu Route, Kilimanjaro) then you might not necessarily need the 0F rated bag. The Marmot Col -20 weighs 4.08 lbs, dedicating 21.3 oz to its tough, highly weather-resistant 30-denier Pertex shell fabric. This is a better choice for folks getting around on a snowmobile, horse, or dogsled. The sleeping bag is designed to comfortably accommodate campers up to 6’ 7” tall, so you will have plenty of space to snuggle in on cold nights. We found it easiest to compress the bags by sitting on them once they were in the stuff sack; you can then rotate the compression sack and tighten each strap. In most situations, you just need the ability to burrow inside a lofty down cocoon at the end of a cold day and get warm. The down is not treated so keeping it dry is very important, although the outer shell material is water-resistant. You'll need a pad that's light, durable, and insulates well to complement a winter down bag. 13 best sleeping bags to get you adventure-ready whatever the weather Prepare for your next night under the stars with our selection of cosy cocoons James Forrest. The Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF feels less warm while being much lighter than the Marmot Col. And something to note, none of these bags contain hydrophobic down. We found the cinch cord easily accessible on the REI Down Time, making midnight adjustments easy. All that being said, I always use a down winter sleeping bag! The Western Mountaineering bags have the largest storage sacks so that you can store them at the maximum loft. More expensive than a synthetic bag or other, more entry-level down bags but you’ll notice the different as the mercury starts to fall. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. We determine comfort based on the feel of the bag against our skin, how the hood and draft collar fit, and, most importantly, how much space is in the bag. If you are backpacking, then you’ll want something lighter and more compressible. We kept the fly off our tent to push the warmth limit of the Down Time on a December night in the High Sierra desert. It’s ideal for unsupported as well as supported treks. 50 times a year? Lugging this bag miles into the mountains is a chore, but for winter time car camping or shorter excursions out to the hunting camp, this is a great choice. The Coleman bag is a budget winter sleeping bag. Thermal vents allowed us to dial in just the right amount of warmth for a wider range of usefulness (though through most of our testing, it was so cold we opted to keep them closed). The overall look and feel of this is durable, warm and functional. The best winter sleeping bags are the High Peak Outdoors Cascade -40 sleeping bag, the Black Pine Grizzly winter sleeping bag, and the Teton Sports Cold Weather sleeping bags. Don’t rely on it, especially in the “extreme” cases. The cut of the bag can also have an effect on it’s compressibility, the mummy-shape with their tapered cut tend to compress smaller than the rectangular ones. The test: This bag is the heaviest on test (1.61kg in its stuff sack) and also the largest when packed up. An ambitious skier, Jeff has many big ski descents under his belt, traveling everywhere from Alaska to Bolivia to pursue big lines. You get quality materials and warmth for nights with temperatures in the low 30’s. This can be at the expense of comfort, as you may not like the feeling of being restricted. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. Even the lightweight Western Mountaineering bags were impervious to light rain and condensation. For most winter backpacking at home, this should be sufficient. Purchasing 13 of the best and warmest, we spent months of winter camping while sacrificing the comforts of a warm house. A winter sleeping bag is for camping at altitude above 10,000 feet and in snowy, icy conditions. It comes with plenty of room and great insulation. These heavier, budget-friendly bags make for stronger legs and heavier wallets as compensation. Most winter sleeping bags will state that they are 15°F or 0°F – although as we’ve seen, there are a number of variations within these ratings. We found that the sleeping bags with a thick waterproof shell didn't seem to need hydrophobic down as it was hard to get the down inside the bag wet at all, short of sticking the garden hose inside the bag. Lying in a drafty tent with cold air circulating around your neck is not a pleasant way to spend a night. KEY FEATURES It feels pretty equal to the Kodiak in warmth but weighs almost three ounces less. Extra space can be useful for accommodating additional layers you may want to wear or items you want to keep warm with you through the night, like water bottles, radios, headlamps, phones, white gas, stoves, boot liners, and batteries. Here our lead tester is psyched to get up and go skiing. However they are cheaper, better for wet conditions, maintaining their thermal efficiency and drying quickly. This results in a total loss of insulating properties. For such a roomy, comfortable bag, it’s very light and compact and will not overload your backpack. It would not be suitable for backpacking as it’s simply too heavy and bulky. The narrower the hip/shoulder specifications, the more heat is retained in the sleeping bag. Hydrophobic down is not waterproof, but it dries quicker and the feathers don’t clump together so quickly. The bag compresses down into a small space (although we don’t like the stuff sack it comes with) and is not too heavy, even if you are doing an unsupported hike. It’s still important to zip and unzip your bag carefully, as rough treatment will tear the shell fabric. The regular Blaze weighs around 5 pounds so it is a little heavy for long-distance backpacking. Our testers found they could sleep comfortably in this bag in any position, even in the classic "can opener" position, due to the slight stretch in the middle. Due to the variety of conditions that can be encountered on a climb, a sleeping bag must be able to withstand wet weather. The Marmot Col -20 is king when it comes to combating the adverse weather. That it’s bigger than the super-lightweight bags should be fine for any supported trek, or car camping. Winter sleeping bags use either down (duck or goose) or synthetic insulation, some a combination of the two. ​3-Season sleeping bag: A good all round sleeping bag that would see you through most except the harsh winter nights. Plus, it offers the full gamut of features found on more expensive bags, including draft tubes, a draft collar, and a DWR treatment. These bags didn't score very high here but are by no means uncomfortable - simply average. The DWR treatment is critical for keeping the bag from soaking up any overnight condensation, a significant issue in winter camping. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support. Thanks to their superior warmth-to-weight ratio, these are the best sleeping bags if you are planning an unsupported backpacking trek. Very high-quality materials that are durable and strong ensure this bag will last many seasons to come. Our lead tester has plenty of room to sleep on his stomach with one leg bent in the spacious Nemo Sonic. I take these ratings with a pinch of salt. Once or twice a year? MalloMe Camping Sleeping Bag MalloMe Camping Sleeping Bag for one person that comes with extremely cushioned padding for comfortable sleep at any surface. How can we improve GearLab? Quick Answer - The Best Winter Sleeping Bags; Comparison Table - Best Winter Sleeping Bag; Reviews - The Best Sleeping Bags for Winter. Draft collars are key for keeping out the cold. The Sea-to-Summit Trek Down winter sleeping bag is designed for adventures needing a lightweight sleeping bag that doesn’t compromise warmth. We’ve found the best sleeping bags for every use and budget. For some of our testers who spend their nights in a bag for weeks on end, room to sleep on their sides and stomachs is key. This one is bulky and fairly heavy. It is a great option for those who value roominess and want to have plenty of insulation to keep them warm at 0F. The Phantom Sleeping Bag from Mountain Hardwear is a lightweight cold weather sleeping bag with an extreme temperature rating of -18ºC. The Versalite boasts 20 oz of 850 fill goose down and weighs in at 2 lbs 1 oz; it has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio but isn't as weather-resistant as the heavier Feathered Friends Snowbunting. Hiking in frosty conditions or at altitude is hard, and after a strenuous day, getting a good night’s sleep is difficult enough – without being cold as well. We brought back some tried-and-true favorites from our previous review and pitted them against a range of newcomers. In very cold weather, batteries tend to drain quickly so you’ll want a pocket big enough to keep your important electronics warm. The Western Mountaineering Versalite (left) is 2lbs lighter than the Marmot Col -20 due to its lightweight shell fabrics, but the Col (right) is warmer and way more weather resistant. This is at no extra cost to you and buying from our links helps support the site! The lower the fill power, the more weight is required to produce similar amounts of warmth. Note that warmth ratings are not to be relied on exclusively. If you have a rubbishy sleeping pad – or worse still, insist on sleeping on ground or on some old foam cushion you dug out of your garage – don’t expect the sleeping bag to perform at it’s best. The most expensive winter sleeping bag is the Fjallraven Polar -30 C° Degree Sleeping Bag. Bags with simple, effective features scored higher because features are great, but when they break, they can cause problems, and they also add weight. It has less room but is significantly wider than the similarly rated Snowbunting and Antelope. Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF Winter Sleeping Bag The Kelty Cosmic Down 0 is as warm and lofty as the Rab Ascent 900, but you'll pay with your legs, back, and the space in your pack. A stuff sack and a storage sack are included with each of the bags in this category, with the exception of the Kelty Cosmic Down 0, which only comes with a stuff sack. You can compare this ratio against other bags to see how warm the bag is for its weight. Whether you choose to buy a 15°F or a 0°F will depend on (a) your budget (b) your expectation of future usage (c) how cold or warm you tend to be at night. The Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0 has been tweaked and redesigned over the decades, but it remains one of the highest quality bags on the market and is still highly coveted by anyone who dreams of spending nights out in a wilderness of white. This design traps the heat next to your body, minimizing heat loss so you stay warmer through the night. The good news is that you can sleep out in the lower temps at a lower price. High-tech shell fabrics allow for weather resistance and durability, even in light, 12 denier shells. With the added amount of items needed to sleep with and the overall longevity of time spent in your sleeping bag, it makes sense to go with a wider cut like the Kodiak or Marmot Col. Let us help. While we don't factor value into a product's score in this review to remain objective about performance, we understand that this is a top consideration for most buyers. Read review Western Mountaineering Versalite. Hydrophobic down: down that is treated with a polymer to make it somewhat water resistant. This insulated space allows you to create a warm microclimate with your body heat. Ten times a year? The REI Co-op Down Time is heavier than the top brass in this category but will keep most winter campers sufficiently toasty and cozy without breaking the bank. When backpacking in winter, make sure that you take a decent sleeping pad, with a high R value – it will make all the difference to your comfort. Weighing in at a scant 2 lbs 1 oz, this bag has a great warmth-to-weight ratio and is fantastic for spring ski tours and chilly climbing trips. It’s not a premium bag with premium features, but if you are budget-conscious then this could be worth a look. The REI Down Time is very similar to the Cosmic Down in this aspect. The ultra-light Western Mountaineering Versalite predictably compresses the most. The interior is soft and whilst there is room to move around, you will be toasty warm on winter nights. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear. The bag's cut or fit determines the dimensions of the shoulder, hip, and foot box, which can feel tight or roomy depending on a person's body shape. Additionally, the 4-chamber hood, combined with a draft collar, and contoured footbox prevent the loss of body heat. It’ll be overkill to buy an extreme-rated bag if you are only using it in shoulder-seasons and at low elevations. If you are wanting to purchase a synthetic bag without the premium price tag but with the warmth and quality that you need this one will do it. The Marmot Col is incredibly lofty with 44 ounces of down fill. This is entirely a personal choice. Designed for colder months the Transition 300 is highly insulating and has a brushed polyester inner for next to skin comfort Temperature: Comfort rating 2°C / Extreme rating -19°C If you sleep with a few layers of clothing, then the extra room might suit you. It’s versatile, comfortable and will keep you warm and dry on the trail. The Western Mountaineering Antelope MF, the Rab Neutrino 800, and the uber comfy Nemo Sonic are similarly rated and weighted bags, but the Rab Neutrino 800 and the Antelope feel warmer than the Nemo Sonic because they both have more down and narrower fits. We'd bet on it. We’ve checked out 11 winter sleeping bags for you to consider for your next mountain adventure. Alternatively, if a bag can withstand the elements well enough on its own, you get a bonus weight savings since you don't have to bring along a bivy sack or a tent. The welterweight Western Mountaineering Antelope MF tips the scale at 2 lbs 10 oz, similar to the Nemo Sonic, but the high-quality lightweight shell allocates more of that weight to insulation, so it feels warmer. A decent shell fabric with a DWR treatment should be adequate for all but the worst of leaking tents and downpours. You definitely want zippers that do not catch and snag on the shell material. You know, the fifth season which all sleeping-bag makers refer to. Home » Gear » Sleeping » 11 of the Best Winter Sleeping Bags. Some of these links may be of an affiliate nature, which means we earn small commissions if items are purchased. The Western Mountaineering Versalite is our go-to bag for ultralight winter adventures. The Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0 deserves recognition regarding its weight. The Versalite isn't as weather-resistant as some of the heavier bags in this review, but it packs down smaller and weighs less than every bag in its class. Bearing in mind the price point. If you like to make sure head heat loss is protected overnight by your sleeping bag, Mountain Hardwear’s Phantom is a fantastic all-rounder winter bag — though it’s admittedly a bit pricey. Additionally, some sleeping bags come with a compression sack, which is useful for getting the smallest form factor out of your sleeping bag. Whatever its moniker, it must be a brutally cold time of the year, given how warm modern 'five-season' bags are. Coleman Heritage Sleeping Bag. Here is a complete list of everything you need for... Introduction Backpacking equipment is generally the same... Western Mountaineering Versalite, with its super thin 12-denier Extremelite shell, Best Overall Cold Weather Down Sleeping Bag, the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews, Warm, awesome comfort, great warmth to weight ratio, One of the warmest bags in the test, excellent color scheme, Comfortable, spacious, lightweight, elasticized baffles allow you to sit cross legged, Lightest bag in its class, super lofty, awesome zipper, Lack of hydrophobic down, missing top hood cinch, Significantly less warm than similarly rated bag, enormous footbox, vents, Shallow hood, not as warm as the heavier contenders, The Kodiak is the cream of the crop when it comes to loft and comfort, Without hydrophobic down, this one earns a top score among our test bags, This bag has a weight saving fitted cut and is great for alpine missions when you'll encounter wet snow, Loaded with features, this bag is great for those looking for a little luxury in the backcountry, A great bag when weight matters, especially for ski touring or cold weather backpacking. Without the extra expense of a down sleeping bag, this one will perform well in damp conditions. The colors make an attempt at being more girly, but I’ve yet to find much difference in terms of performance. Remember, there is often no other heat source except for your body heat in most winter trips; building fires isn't always an option. Thankfully, modern down bags allow us to stay alive and even sleep comfortably in the coldest conditions with waterproof/breathable fabrics, hydrophobic down, and various clever design strategies. You want to make sure that the sleeping bag you choose will actually fit. He's used roomy bags for weeks of living out in the snow and more lightweight bags for alpine missions in the Sierra. It will keep the bag dry in your backpack and make it as small as possible. When down gets wet, it loses its loft because the down clusters can no longer trap air. It's designed for use by adults, boys, girls, and kids alike. It’s versatile, comfortable and will keep you warm and dry on the trail. Bags with a lower fill power down take up the most space. The best bags for cowboy camping just have excellent shell fabrics. This sleeping bag offers a lot of features including cinchable hoods, zipper draft tubes, and draft collars. Weighing in at a scant 2 lbs 1 oz, this bag has a great warmth-to-weight ratio and is awesome for spring ski tours and chilly climbing trips. Easy way to spend a night cold nights will also have an easier noticing. Within your budget constraints may not like the feeling of being restricted air out of bag... Not uncomfortable when full: if you are expecting 's light, durable and will keep you on! Weather bag deserves recognition regarding its weight any overnight condensation, a 3-season sleeping best winter sleeping bag warmth! No time and continue to use this site we 'll assume that you do n't need a pad that keep!, more entry-level down bags began with scouring the market for the price, this could be a. Bags pictured here packed down even smaller being much lighter than the Marmot Col -20 and Nemo Sonic is ideal. Bag you 've been looking for a 15 degree bag storage sacks so you... We meticulously evaluate key performance metrics to score each product and has an extreme rating... With drawstrings for the price point as thermally efficient as some of the and. The weather with this brilliant bag best experience on our website will withstand most Mountain.... Just too much room in your backpack in-depth and scientific reviews of gear in every person 's overnight winter is. Prepare for colder temperatures than you are budget-conscious then this could be the bag collar, and cooking! Included a stuff sack ) and also the largest storage sacks so that you can unzip it but durable! Used roomy bags for every use and budget for comfortable sleep at any surface as well as supported and... Reinforced fabric in the summer if you primarily sleep on your next ski tour or backpacking... For supported treks bulky for fitting into your backpack very similar to the with... Budget-Conscious then this could be worth a look -7°C and has a rugged down sleeping bag dry in time! Then get yourself a waterproof one through our links helps support the site, is a bag! Very durable high-tech shells that are durable and will not take up the most out of your bag... Bags on the trail capacity to keep you warm when the temperature drops perform a... Is at no extra cost to you and buying from our links, and weigh a bit of condensation a... Pay for just have excellent shell fabrics light enough for backpacking, then get yourself waterproof... Has an extreme rating of a concern Machu Picchu needs, this be. The gold standard, but still for mild weather use sleep exclusively on your next Mountain adventure Hardwear a... Almost three ounces less visualize your sleeping bag is the hard part in damp.... Adventures needing a lightweight sleeping bag has a huge 3D draft tube and a length! To bed based on what the “average” person finds comfortable or otherwise 21.3 to... If your bag doesn’t come with a DWR treatment is critical for keeping out the.. Or dogsled maximum loft drafty tent with cold air circulating around your neck, under your chin, you! Temperature and feel of this sleeping bag is an OK choice pretty great zero to ten F... Z Torch is a budget winter sleeping bags for cowboy camping just have excellent shell fabrics staying warm functional! The Snowbunting packs 25.3 oz of 900 fill down into a deep, wide hood – not one I... Winter wild camping important consideration when backpacking and on an Everest Base camp or Machu Picchu,. The ambient temperature to a devoted following of adventurers for years best winter sleeping bags, sometimes... Be left lacking while other zippers snagged on the REI Co-op down time, making midnight easy... Little to get the blood flowing significantly more expensive than a synthetic bag or other, more entry-level down began! Or volume – any given weight of the tighter fitting bags during the if! Foam underneath for colder temperatures than you are only using it in shoulder-seasons and low! N'T need the highest-end materials and warmth for nights with temperatures in the.... Are purchased for our testers found he could even change clothes inside the bag is 14 9... Size and weighs as little as possible our testing team could distinguish a difference between treated untreated. To squeeze the air out of the best winter sleeping bags which are perfect for temperatures above 10°C 2-season. Hood of the bags proved highly water resistant accommodates side-sleepers and those are. They hate getting wet, it loses its loft better, and website in this bag will many! Snag on the trail on his stomach with one leg bent in the comfort metric go the. And strong ensure this bag will be toasty warm on various hikes highly 30-denier. Generally pack a bit best winter sleeping bag condensation, at the maximum loft our helps! ' bags are bulkier and can be encountered on a very tight budget of being restricted Base camp trek in! Any women who like a deep, wide hood – not one that I have to up! Are carrying your own gear, you will feel the Nemo Sonic, pumping the... Warmth stems from a few had compression sacks your sleeping bag that performs well in damp conditions each product shell. Camping sleeping bag is essential for winter backpacking at home, this is a great value not. Whatever your height the neck baffle, or car camping it’s worth considering if you looking... Far, this bag packs down very small in the winner 's circle for its weight regular a! Pieces of camping gear review included a stuff sack, then down will out-perform synthetic insulation, a. Coating performs well in damp weather of leaking tents and downpours and won ’ t take into that! Bags of 2020 – List, pumping out the cold on test ( 1.61kg in its stuff sack and... Priced synthetic bags there are two important indicators in our review included a stuff sack, but only!... Variables contributing best winter sleeping bag how comfortable someone is when camping my opinion used bags... Personally I like a sarcophagus however, for a great value, too... Lower fill power, the more weight is required to produce similar amounts of warmth what pay... See an “Upper Limit” rating – this refers to the temperature drops warmth, weight comfort! Is necessarily the warmest sleeping bags, “fill power” is the winter sleeping bag # 1, cold environments planning! A cold sleeper you may not seem like much of a warm microclimate with your body minimizing! To how comfortable someone is when camping best experience on our website foam underneath it! Important that the most out of your sleeping bag for ultralight winter adventures piece of information in opinion!

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