Numerous varieties of melons are available which are basically fleshy fruits belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family which also includes squash, cucumber, pumpkin, gourd etc. ... Makes your skin better- Muskmelons have anti-ageing property which makes skin glow and become acne free. For starters, the antioxidants in muskmelon help in removing any impurities from your skin. Adding it … For starters, the antioxidants in muskmelon help in removing any impurities from your skin. There are several varieties of muskmelon. It is high in water content and can take care of the fluid loss that our body experiences during this season. Cantaloupe, or muskmelon, can do wonders for your skin too. Muskmelon is a sweet and nutritious fruit with a variety of culinary uses and health benefits. 10. The smooth skin variants include - honeydew, Crenshaw and casaba and the netted variants include- cantaloupe, Persian melon and Christmas melon. Don't overwork it, in order to achieve a look. Here click on the “Settings” tab of the Notification option. It is one of the cost-effective and efficient ways to treat your skin. Eating muskmelon regularly can help prevent the development of age-related vision loss and support proper eye function throughout your life. Muskmelon has high fiber and water content, which makes it a great natural healer for people suffering from indigestion, constipation, and other digestive system issues. Health Benefits Of Muskmelon Seeds In Summer, 12 Effective Home Remedies For Swollen Feet, 8 Effective Natural Remedies That Can Help Manage Eczema Symptoms, What To Do When See Pigmentation Spots On Your Body, Home Remedies To Treat Dry Hands Caused By Frequent Washing While In Quarantine, Use These Home Remedies To Beat The Most Common Winter Skin Problems, Natural Home Remedies To Darken Grey Eyebrows, Nurse Your Damaged Hair Tips Back To Health With These Amazing Home Remedies, Kisan Diwas 2020: Lesser Known Facts About Chaudhary Charan Singh On His Birth Anniversary, 22 Simple And Effective Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter Season, Flyx Filmfare OTT Awards 2020: Alaya F Steals Our Heart As She Turns Golden Girl In A Structured Dress. Using muskmelon on dry and dull skin is an excellent idea, as it helps to rejuvenate the skin and keep it fresh. Benefits of Muskmelon for Skin (Kharbooja) Hydrates and Rejuvenates Skin Cantaloupe contains Vitamins K and E which play an important role in keeping your skin healthy and radiant. [2], Muskmelon is rich in vitamin A & C which help in skin regeneration. Repeat this once or twice a week for the desired result. Bananas are rich in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins, which help soften the hair. Muskmelon is also good for your skin. Wash it off with your regular shampoo and conditioner and allow your hair to air dry. Surprisingly, musk melon has health benefits that help to get rid of the menstrual cramps. Muskmelon is a popular fruit that's often confused with cantaloupe. Just like our body, the watery fruit is gold for our skin too. Moreover, coconut oil too helps in combating hair loss and promoting hair growth. Muskmelons are highly used during the summer season, thanks to their cooling property. This is especially beneficial for those who are passive smokers and kids suffering from breathing issues. Scroll down the page to the “Permission” section . Next, add some yoghurt to it and mix well. One of the significant benefits of muskmelon is that it is great for your skin. While it is amazingly sweet and crunchy, it has various health benefits that everybody must know. [1] They are also rich in dietary fibre, folic acid, and other minerals which benefit you in innumerable ways. comprising Vitamins A, B, C and minerals like magnesium, sodium, and potassium. The fiber content in muskmelon helps in regulating proper bowel movements with a calming and cooling effect on the stomach. It offers youthful glow to your skin. This helps your brain to calm down and focus. Repeat this once a day for the desired result. So make sure that you get your batch of fresh muskmelons for the whole family. Make permanent goals and work towards achieving them," preaches Shradha. The vitamin A content in muskmelon could do wonders for your hair that no other product can. Take a generous amount of the mixture and apply it to your hair and scalp. It is also loaded with skin-friendly collagen. Why Does It Work. While you can eat the flesh or make juice out of it, you can ground the seeds, pulp, and skin into a paste and apply it on your skin all over the body. [7]. Apart from having high vitamin C concentration, muskmelon also contains phytochemicals, beta-carotene, and vitamin A that help in keeping your gut healthy. Muskmelon has vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants such as gallic… India vs Australia | Players, spectators to pay special tribute to Dean Jones at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Nissan Magnite Deliveries Commence In India: The Most Affordable Compact-SUV On Sale, Sensex Ends 529 Points Higher, Nifty Nears 13750; RIL Gains 2.5%, 10 Amazing Weekend Getaways From Jaipur For The Perfect Christmas Vacation. You can quickly nourish and condition your hair with muskmelon. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment And Prevention, COVID-19 And Christmas: How To Celebrate The Season Of Joy Safely And Responsibly, Not Just Her Red Saree, Aditi Rao Hydari’s Striped Blouse And Red Roses-Bun Also Ups Her Look. 7. Wash your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry. It keeps our skin hydrated and happy. Most Read: Benefits Of Muskmelon On Skin And Hair. 10. As a Diet Coach, her aim is to help her clients understand the concept "Healthy life = happy life," and ensure they lead the same. Take a generous amount of the mixture and gently rub it over your lips for about 3-5 minutes. One of the significant benefits of muskmelon is that it is great for your skin. But before we talk about it in detail, check out the nutritional value of muskmelon. Muskmelon is a rich source of antioxidants, beta carotene, fibers and vitamin C. These nutrients are known for their benefits in dealing with diabetes, heart risks, weight loss, anti-inflammations and reduction of menstruation cramps. The good bacteria in your gut help with the proper functioning of the body. Put on a shower cap and leave it on for about an hour. In a bowl, add some sweet muskmelon pulp and lemon juice and mix both the ingredients well. The various Muskmelon benefits for health are often attributed to its rich nutritional content. [6], One of the benefits of muskmelons is that it has the power to condition your hair and make it soft while maintaining the health of your scalp and hair. Muskmelon is cholesterol-free, which means it does not add cholesterol in the body and helps to lead a healthy life. You would be happy to know that it is not only an incredibly refreshing evening snack of the summer but also a great nutritional source. We all are familiar with this delicious summer fruit but aren’t aware of its potential benefits. Since muskmelon is slightly acidic, if consumed at night, it may hinder the process of digestion. Muskmelon benefits: Muskmelon has several vital nutrients such as Vitamin K, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese that helps in improving overall health 4. People suffering from high blood pressure are recommended to add muskmelon to their diet as this potassium-rich fruit helps in relaxing the blood vessels, aiding smooth in-flow of blood. Frequently Asked Questions about Muskmelon, 8 Must-Include Foods in Your Kid’s Diet to Build Immunity, Understanding the Health Benefits of Beans and Legumes, Height Weight Chart: Ideal Weight for Men and Women, Moong Dal: Health Benefits, Nutrition & Recipes, Create a smooth puree by blending muskmelon and mint with black salt into a blender or a liquidizer, Now, combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well, Take a shallow container, and pour the mix in it. Muskmelon is rich in vitamin C content, which is a powerful antioxidant that can help in boosting your immunity. Benefits Of Muskmelon For Skin 1. Having said that, muskmelon seeds too have health benefits if consumed in the right way. Research indicates that regularly consuming foods that are rich in these antioxidants along with vitamins A and C, such as muskmelon, may lead to healthy eye functioning with proper vision. Muskmelon is a species of melon that has been cultivated into many varieties. If you had made extra, store it in the refrigerator and use it within a day or two. Muskmelon or kharbuja — 7 reasons you should eat this summer fruit! Blend all the ingredients and serve chilled. Get A Healthy Skin With Muskmelon The Vitamin C of this cantaloupe combats free radicals and thus helps with skin rejuvenation, skin glow, anti-ageing and overall skin health. Rejuvenates and hydrates skin Using muskmelon on dry and dull skin is an excellent idea, as it helps to rejuvenate the skin and keep it fresh. Yes, muskmelons are a great addition to your diet for young-looking, refreshing skin. Though botanically melons are fruits, they are often used as culinary vegetables. So, you should introduce muskmelon in your diet for a healthy eye. People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are prescribed to include foods that are highly anti-inflammatory. So, here is a list of reasons why muskmelon is healthy for you. Muskmelon contains three potent antioxidants – beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and lutein – that are well known for supporting eye health. Immunity Booster. Muskmelons are healthy, delicious, and about to be in season! From its flesh to skin, and seeds, all parts of muskmelon fruit have health benefits if applied or consumed the right way. Eating certain foods can have a stress-relieving impact on your mind, as well. Melon has more to offer than a cool summer snack! Moreover, the fat content in the fruit is also negligible, so it doesn’t increase weight. but it is also a part of plenty of recipes that you can easily make at home. Combine some muskmelon pulp and banana pulp in a bowl and whisk the ingredients together. A. Muskmelons are safe for people with diabetes. It makes your skin acne free as well. Applying the paste to your skin can help reduce any signs of dryness, blemishes, acne, etc. Though the origins of Muskmelon (Kharbuja) still is up for debate, the amazing health benefits are not. Furthermore, the high content of vitamin C mineral in muskmelon help in treating stomach ulcers. Mix both the ingredients to make a paste. Wash it off with lukewarm water and pat dry. There are studies that have proved the potential benefits of muskmelon for hair growth. As a believer of the liberal approach towards nutrition, she says "Nutrition is deserved not just for weight loss, but most importantly, for prevention and care of diseases & illness." Fiber adds bulk to the stool and keeps hunger pangs at bay. Muskmelon skin: Muskmelon skin contains particular phytochemicals that are released when boiled in water. Not only muskmelon boasts plenty of health benefits like aiding blood pressure, treating dental pain, managing stress, etc. Unique And Simple Choco-Tahini Milkshake Recipe, Flipkart Year End Sale 2020: Smartphones, Tablets, Electronics And Accessories, JKSSB Accounts Assistant Panchayat Result 2020, Check At, Tamil Nadu Polls: Kamal Haasan party's prominent face Arunachalam joins BJP. Leave it on for about 10-12 minutes and then wash it off. 20 Health Benefits Of Muskmelon That Will Amaze You! Combine both the ingredients to make a semi-thick paste. According to experts, eating raw muskmelon or rinsing your mouth with a solution made of muskmelon skin can help in dealing with dental pain. These melons are also used as face masks and face packs to obtain clear and glowing skin. Cantaloupe or Muskmelon health benefits includes supporting good eye health, relieving stress, delaying aging process, improving immune system, alleviating menstrual cramps, aiding weight loss, clearing skin, a natural face mask, a good hair conditioner, regulates blood pressure, and reduces inflammation. Cover your head with a shower cap and allow the mixture to stay for about half an hour. It offers the following benefits for your skin. Apply this paste on your face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. [4], Muskmelon is one of the most commonly used and effective remedies for treating eczema and other skin conditions. Honeydew melon, or honeymelon, is a fruit that belongs to the melon species cucumis melo (muskmelon).. A. Muskmelon is a perfect summer fruit. Along with iron and other nutrients, the fruit is good for healthy hair. Potassium acts as a vasodilator that keeps your blood pressure in check and ensures that it doesn’t elevate. 20. Muskmelon Health Benefits. It also prevents heat-related disorders during the summer. Eating muskmelon can help prevent oxidative stress in your bones and joints, thereby reducing inflammation. Again, take the blender and liquidize the mixture till it turns slushy, Pour the slushy mixture into glasses, garnish it with mint leaves and serve chilled. Click on the “Options ”, it opens up the settings page. Your email address will not be published. Due to natural skin-lightening properties of muskmelons, they can help lighten your skin.