Services and benefits for the military. One positive sign of growth is that these politically incorrect Vietnam War slang terms are used less often! Those looking to enroll in life insurance are given the opportunity to enroll in low cost insurance plans. Copyright © 2020 Joining the Army HQ. As an Officer, you will lead other Soldiers in all situations and adjust to environments that are always changing. The Magazine Basic Theme by One of the bigger benefits of being a military officer is the fact that you'll have a lot more jobs open to you than if you were enlisted as a private. Officers can be doctors, lawyers, musicians, or just about anything else, really. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. You get paid better! If you are about to marry a Marine, please read this before you register for your china. A pay scale that doubles your pay in just 5 years of working. The sun was just beginning to rise. Pros Of Joining The Air Force Pro: It Is a Prestigious Branch of the Military. Benefits of being in the Marine Corps There are many benefits to being in the Marine Corps. Finally, JAGs who serve for 20 years are eligible for military retirement benefits. Officers in the U.S. Navy are also paid well. The NCO corps is a little different. Modifications for your home and car, home assistance, attendant care, next of kin allowances and childcare. It's also worth noting that a lot of military officers have an active dating life because they can afford to wine and dine the girls of their dream. You even have the ability to cover your immediate family for care either on or off base. If your Soldier screws up, you screwed up. File a dental claim. This branch of the US military allows you to earn college education at … It offers quality and free education, as well as training. Military law enforcement officers maintain order, help during emergencies, solve crimes, and protect property. What if they are the ones caught driving while drunk. However the Marines also have some unique benefits the Army lacks. How political is being an officer in the military? More people get free rides to the college of their choice through enlistment than any other kind of scholarship available. An E-1 that is just coming into the army without dependents will get $1,516.20 in base salary. It can allow soldiers to socialise with local communities where they are deployed in peacekeeping operations. They get the respect of an officer from the enlisted men. Being … The Navy does not require any exam when graduating from Officer Candidate school, … In the US Army, many warrant officers are technical experts assigned to the motor pool or other logistics positions. When he's not hitting up a local Zumba class, he's drinking organic smoothies. That Post-9/11 GI bill really does pack a powerful punch, and if you are looking to get a free Master's degree or Doctorate, this might be it. Being a service member means that you'll find new friends among your coworkers, great bonding experiences, and the kind of network that lasts a lifetime. Could you give them that UCMJ? Unfortunately back then I was pretty ignorant about all the military marriage benefits that came with marrying a service member. You are expected to press the flesh, and get your name to the brass. All Rights Reserved. If you're looking for a civilian career after service, one of the top benefits of being a military officer will be a free ride into the school of your choice. Being an Officer in the U.S. Army means you’re a counselor, a strategist, and a motivator. Trust me when I say that a lot of people will be very jealous of knowing that you'll never have to work with Navient. Being an officer means you can definitely do a lot more in terms of a career. There is a line socially that you just should not cross with your Soldiers. You may be aware of the Marine Corps, but not quite … Pay, pension, benefits, programs and services offered to members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families. Follow: Facebook; Twitter; Youtube; Flickr; Pinterest; Linkedin; Services and information. If I join as an officer, will I still need to deal with typical civilian office bullshit (eg incompetent managers, coworkers and/or subordinates who hate me, people who suck up to managers hard, people who don’t really give a shit about the people they manage and are only worried about their career, etc. [CDATA[ That's just how he rolls. History; Background; Women in Combat Situations; Advantages for Women; Advantages for the Military; 1 History. Yes, our enlisted ranks do most of the real work in the Army. Blue collar, white collar, no collar - the jobs you do often reflect your upbringing. Hopefully if you are thinking about joining the military … Suck up to the colonels. All things considered, the benefits of a military officer really make all the hard work worth it—especially when you finally get to meet your fellow service members. The military does offer some excellent benefits, and if you happen to be interested in the possibility of this career path, but have no idea what they are or where to begin, I have explained the basics below. They would then leave the military with significant experience and job prospects. Benefits for the ill and injured. Benefits information above is provided anonymously by current and former The British Army employees, and may include a summary provided by the employer. 0 comments. In 1942, the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps was founded. At the start of WWII, countless people took up arms to fight against the Axis powers, from the rich to the poor, all for the good cause – and, yes, there were even celebrities that served in WWII. Who’s fault is it? //